Welcome To Relax With Wax

Welcome to Relax With Wax.

Quality products at affordable prices.

Welcome to our Website

Hello and thank you for visiting my site, I'm Tasha the very proud owner of Relax With Wax. I used to buy from a well known brand, but it started to become more of a luxury when my weekly budget changed. 

I enjoyed having different scents in every room and I began to miss them.

I was browsing the web when I came across a site that gave me the idea to make my own melts. After some research I decided to give it a try. I made a few samples to try round the house but it was when a friend called round and commented  “Smells like *well known brand shop* in here” that an idea started to form.

A few friends that also used the other well known brand were given a couple to try and compare and the feedback was amazing. The sample group of scents was increased, a few more scents added and again the feedback was incredible.

I could make wax melts that were affordable, highly scented and great value for money. This is when Relax With Wax was born. Here it is and here you are!

  Home of the handmade wax melt, made using a quality eco-friendly Soy wax, using only the best liquid scents so the fragrances are strong and last. My aim is to provide a quality product at an affordable price!


All my products are handmade and hand-poured. The ingredients I use are all Eco and vegan friendly, Everything sourced such as fragrance oils and glitters are from reliable animal friendly suppliers.

A lot of time and every goes into every product, each product supplied comes complete with a little bit of love! 

What our customers say...

"Excellent smells and lasted more than 24 hours xx highly recommend" - Tina

"These smell amazing, monkey farts smell exactly like the medicine which I loved as a child (childhood memories) I couldn’t help my self and ordered one of each lol. They look lovely and smell divine and Tasha has put so much thought in to these to get them right I love them all I can’t pick my fav!" - Charlotte

  "Had my first wax melt experience with Dragons Blood.....hmmmm divine. The smell continues to be amazing, day 3" - Jane